BCSE Revealed

Dr. Brian Jordan

(See the index of past and present committee members, here).

For the first year of its existence, Dr. Jordan was the only individual in the BCSE's leadership with a science doctorate - though it was in chemical engineering, rather than in the field of biological origins which is supposedly the BCSE's area of expertise. Despite not having any discernible qualifications in that area, Dr. Jordan was appointed by the BCSE as its scientific advisor.

It soon became pretty obvious that Dr. Jordan's interest and driving motivation was not scientific, but religious: he is a militant anti-theist.

  • Dr. Jordan is a fanatical atheist who claims that "theists are the deluded victims of centuries of conspiracy" and says there is no reason to even debate any theory contrary to atheism - see here.
  • In this article, we uncovered the fact that simultaneously with being a BCSE leader whilst the BCSE website claimed that it had no religious agenda and that it was fully supportive of pluralism, Jordan was hypocritcally lobbying the prime minister in the interests of passing a new law to make it illegal for parents to instruct children in religion even in their own home!
  • Theocracy Series : Dr. Jordan authored a series of sections on the BCSE's website, which were intended to present the case that evangelical Christians in the UK are akin to Islamic militants and have active plans to overthrow democracy in favour of a theocracy. My examination of what Dr. Jordan brought forward as "evidence" made one thing very clear: to Dr. Jordan, any mention of the idea of God is nothing different to wanting Islamic-extremist style theocracy. Dr. Jordan's obvious motivation in being involved in the BCSE is not scientific; it is his own personal campaign to rid his own thought world of any inconvenient reminder of God.
  • Dr. Jordan was also involved in planning the web of outrageous lies and deceit in the Roger Stanyard departure fiasco.
  • Dr. Jordan also undertook the BCSE's analysis of the national curriculum - an analysis which was necessary because none of them had, despite already lobbying MPs in the guise of experts, come across it before. Dr. Jordan's analysis was four lines long, and consisted of using a computer to search an electronic copy for the words "Darwin", "Controversy", "Origin" and "Evolution"! Read about it here.
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