BCSE Revealed

Questions the BCSE have ducked

In their response to the allegations I have made and documented, the BCSE have used up a lot of energy and time.

Tellingly, though, almost all of this energy was directed not towards proving that I was wrong, but towards insulting and intimidating me. The BCSE routinely ignored the issues, and chose instead to run campaigns of slander. This did not surprise me, because in case after case the documentation I had provided was compelling.

The fact that the BCSE found plenty of time and energy to respond showed me that they were listening. The fact that they found no time to make a credible response to the allegations showed me that the truth was really hurting.

Here is the series of articles in which I highlighted some of the key issues which the BCSE somehow managed to miss amongst all the propaganda it added to its website and forum in order to discredit me (The BCSE later on realised that all this material was merely driving people to my website, exposing them to the documented evidence, and undermining the BCSE's own cause, so they deleted it):

  • Questions Ducked, part 1 : examining what the BCSE have done in response to my investigations, and its revealing nature.
  • Questions Ducked, part 2 (no science educators, no knowledge of UK education, in general, missing qualifications, caught lying to MPs, founding members talking about (ir-)religious objectives)
  • Questions Ducked, part 3 (deleting the evidence; massive exaggeration of its own size; run by a man with no credentials; condemned by its own former members)
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