BCSE Revealed


(To read some of the actual feedback I've received, go here).

I am convinced that the facts show that the "British Centre for Science Education" is a grand fraud, and that it should not be taken seriously, but only ridiculed and/or ignored.

Because I am sure that this is so, I do not wish the issues to be clouded. If there are inaccuracies, mistakes or irrelevant smears on this website, I want them deleted or amended. I do not want anything to give the BCSE an excuse to fudge the issue. Their response over the last year to me has shown that they are only too eager to take any such opportunity.

If you believe that there are inaccuracies on this site which need correcting, please contact me at: If you do not get satisfaction and believe that I treat you unethically, you can also obtain their contact details for my church elders, to whom I am accountable, from my homepage.

Here also are the verdicts of others who have looked over the evidence presented and formed their own conclusions.

David Anderson

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