BCSE Revealed

Miscellaneous Articles

Here are a few articles and snippets that didn't really fit in anywhere else.

  • The Future - a short article from June 2007 in which I speculate about the direction which the BCSE might take in future, now that its first shot at gaining credibility and influence had come to so little.
  • A Few Choice Quotes (October 2006)
  • What Is The BCSE's Competency Exactly? : in which a creationist e-mails me to demonstrate that the BCSE's knowledge of creationism itself is woefully poor.
  • Being an Internet Investigator : some tips from what I've learned for anyone else interested in doing the same kind of investigation as I did on the BCSE.

The BCSE's Decline

Over the months, the publication of the articles on this website on my blog had a fairly devastating effect on the BCSE. Many actual and potential supporters left, and all the BCSE got in return was a tiny influx of campaigning Internet atheists who just made the BCSE look even more unqualified and bigoted than they already were. Here are some of the articles in which I documented this decline:

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