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During the Christmas season of 2006/07, as I pondered some of the more illogical arguments with which the supposed "rational thinkers" and other BCSE-supporting atheists assaulted my inbox, I eventually came up with this, which became a minor Internet hit - getting several thousand reads and being translated into three different languages:

Does Richard Dawkins Exist?

Then, towards the end of January, I was sent an MP3 inspired by the parable. I told the author I thought it was brilliant, and encouraged him to publish it: "Does Richard Dawkins Exist? A radio interview with Dr. Tommyrot." Here's the link to the YouTube version, which has had over 100,000 listens: Or a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file for downloading:

A number of people have asked me - is the interviewer William Hague? I asked this question myself when I listened to the preview... the answer is, "loosely, yes".

Here are a couple of amusing quotes I received from the proprietor of a website devoted to G. K. Chesterton:

I liked your "parable" on Richard Dawkins! You might like to take a look at my G.K.Chesterton page. I found a couple of relevant quotes:

"The atheist told me so pompously that he did not believe there was any God; and there were moments when I did not even believe there was any atheist." -- Autobiography

"A man wrote to say that he accepted nothing but Solipsism, and added that he had often wondered it was not a more common philosophy. Now Solipsism simply means that a man believes in his own existence, but not in anybody or anything else. And it never struck this simple sophist, that if his philosophy was true, there obviously were no other philosophers to profess it." -- St Thomas Aquinas

Last time I checked, a Google for "Dawkins" turned up my parable in around 10th spot; it still gets read pretty frequently.

David Anderson

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