BCSE Revealed

Ian Lowe

(See the index of past and present committee members, here).

Ian Lowe, one of the founding leaders of the BCSE, is an IT consultant and convenor of the "Scottish Atheist Council". Despite writing to newspapers claiming to be an expert in evolutionary biology, he had no experience or credentials in the field. Whilst the BCSE website loudly proclaimed that it had no religious agenda, Lowe was hypocritically simultaneously running an organisation in Scotland which claimed that all religion was dangerous and should be strongly fought against. Like many of the BCSE leaders, Lowe was brought up in a Christian environment, and the BCSE was too obviously for him little more than an outlet for anti-religious anger and self-justification, rather than any real interest in the education of schoolchildren. Lowe was the subject of repeated embarrassing incidents for the BCSE, and resigned from the BCSE in the second half of 2007 (not to say that those two are necessarily related - there are plenty still in there who have been involved in pretty much the same).


Lowe's own self-description is "I consider myself a fairly virulent atheist. I have little or no time for religion of any kind". Ian is the founding member of the "Scottish Atheist Council". He uses the username "freefromchrist" and says that his goal is to make people think of "fundamentalist Christians" (apparently his description of evangelicals) as they do of paedophiles. "I am, pretty much unashamedly, anti-religious." [See BlackShadow posts 1029, 1476 and 1855 and ] - see here.

Lowe was fully involved in some of the BCSE's nastier smear campaigns:


  • Wolf, Wolf! - documenting obvious lies; which were then deleted when Lowe was embarassed by their exposure, without apology or footnote.

Roger Stanyard's Departure

  • Part one, the short article which started it all off.
  • Part two, the follow-up in which I survey the allegations made by the BCSE's leaders, and point out some obvious discrepancies in their story.
  • Part three, in which I display the evidence that the BCSE pre-meditated a campaign of slander against me, using allegations which they knew in advance were false. All in their own words!
  • Part four, continuing the proof of the BCSE's cynical choice to run a slander campaign using allegations it knew were false.
  • Part five, in which I reveal more details about what the BCSE was saying internally about Stanyard's resignation.
  • Part six, continuing to document how deep the deliberate deception went within the BCSE: all the way through it.
  • Part seven: the BCSE's response to being caught out: deleting the evidence, bluffing, hiding...
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