BCSE Revealed

The BCSE's Intimidation Campaigns

The BCSE soon saw that my blog was a serious threat to their credibility. Whilst the BCSE relied upon spin and image to persuade people that it was an authentic body of scientific experts, I was busy blogging their true identities as unqualified village atheists.

The BCSE's response to my documentation about its true nature met with a classic "school bully" response. Instead of trying to refute what I'd written (difficult, because it was so well documented), they just tried to intimidate me into silence with a series of bogus legal threats based upon theories that they cooked up in mad moments before breakfast. It didn't work. Here are the articles I wrote in response, which provide plenty more evidence as to the incompetence and nastiness of the so-called "British Centre for Science Education":

See also: Smear Campaigns.

  • Responding to the BCSE - the BCSE's first attempt, in which they invented a new theory of copyright in order to declare my blog illegal; a theory which their own website violated all over the place! See also "The BCSE Versus Copyright Law".
  • BCSE Attempt More Spurious Legal Threats And Intimidation - in which the BCSE tried to silence me by claiming (as usual, without offering any accompanying evidence) that I was guilty of computer crimes in the course of my research.
  • Wolf, Wolf! - a follow on from the above article, showing how the BCSE moved quickly to silence dissent on its forum when its basis for its accusations began to look pretty thin. A further follow-up is here.
  • The BCSE Guide To Silencing Criticism - how the BCSE persuaded the Guardian newspaper to remove links to material exposing their true identity and agenda by making legal claims that they knew to be spurious.
  • Criticism of the BCSE : Not Welcome! - how the BCSE, in a fit of desperation, tried to prevent my continual exposes by preventing me from reading its website; with a method so crude that they blocked every NTL customer across a few hundred square miles!
  • Personal Responses - some of the nastier material spewed out by the BCSE in its attempt to discredit me in the hope that then you won't pay any attention to my research.
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