BCSE Revealed

No Science Educators

We would think that a national centre for science education were a fraud if it only had a few run-of-the-mill science educators in its leadership. In the BCSE's case, though, as I write this it doesn't even have one and never has. What it does have, is an abundance of Richard Dawkins style Internet atheists - though without the chair at Oxford University to boost their credibility.

  • "Real Scientists And The BCSE" - in which I point out the obvious hypocrisy of the BCSE accusing others of being fake scientists. In this case, the "fake" scientists in question had a plethora of doctorates and research publications in relevant fields; the BCSE's only reasons for calling them fake scientists was that they didn't tow the line of Darwinian dogma.
  • What Is The National Curriculum? : In this article I exposed the fact that at the same time as the BCSE were lobbying MPs and newspapers, presenting themselves as national experts, their internal discussions demonstrated that they not only did they not have any science teachers who implemented the national curriculum in their membership, they didn't even have an accurate knowledge of what the national curriculum was - let alone what was in it!

See Also:

  • This index of the BCSE's attempts to use spin and mis-direction on its website in order to make its leaders (lack of) credentials sound more impressive. Be impressed, as IT workers turn into archaelogists, management consultants turn into scientific spokesmen, and self-publishers turn into academic giants!
  • The index of past and present BCSE committee members, exposing the lack of bona fide science educators amongst them - let alone national leading ones.
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