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The BCSE's "Research"

The BCSE communicates its message to the world through its website. This website has a few dozen articles, almost all written by the BCSE's de facto leader, Roger Stanyard.

When I launched my blog, "BCSE Revealed", I decided not to trawl through these articles one by one, to refute their many bizarre and false claims. This would involve dragging many reputations unnecessarily through the mud by repeating the outright slanders that the BCSE have in case after case manufactured. Instead, I decided to focus on just a few, where I could give comprehensive demonstrations of how the BCSE does its "research", and what the quality of that research is. By choosing articles that dealt with issues rather than persons (of which there aren't many!), I could show how utterly untrustworthy the BCSE are - and hence, show why anyone giving any credence to their other articles must be extremely credulous.

An essential component of real science is the proper, impartial and unbiased processing of raw data gathered from the proper sources. In case after case, what I demonstrated was that the BCSE had very little idea about this kind of thing. Instead, their method was to pre-determine their conclusion (that anyone questioning Darwinism must be mad, bad, or preferably both), and then go hunting for any tit-bit that might support this case. Any evidence to the contrary gets screened out at an early stage; anything supporting this idea is accepted as almost certainly true, no matter where the suggestion came from or what evidence was offered in its favour.

Here are the articles:

  • The Quality Of BCSE Research - an investigation revealing the utterly biased and incompetent manner in which the BCSE handles its sources; showing in one particular case the BCSE was loudly trumpeting the exact opposite of what 2 minutes looking at a primary source would reveal.
  • More Alien Activity At The BCSE - further analysis of the above matter, showing how the BCSE bends the data to fit its pre-determined conclusions.
  • Anybody here speak English? - by tracing one quote found on the BCSE's website back to its actual source, we documented how the BCSE twists the evidence beyond all recognition - and beyond any ethical bounds - to fit its conclusions.
  • Darwinism and Hitler - a look at the quality of the BCSE's "research". In this article I published an essay sent to me which gives a compelling demonstration of what the BCSE are really about.
  • See also what happened when one university discovered that it was mentioned on the BCSE's website and threatened the BCSE with legal action - instead of standing by its "research", the BCSE deleted it at the first hint of trouble.
  • "We're Not Anti-Religion, But..." (part two, part three) : The BCSE used to have a page on its website intended to tell people how awful evangelical Christianity was. Instead of doing something reasonable like, say, purchasing and reading some of the books written by evangelical Christianity's most respected authors... they decided to trawl the Internet to quote-mine the absolute worst they could find - and then present that to the public as a fair picture. This is how the BCSE do research.
  • "What Is The BCSEs Competency, Exactly?" - documenting how appalling the BCSE's understanding is of the issues which it claims are its speciality.
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