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Michael Brass

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Brass is one of the few surviving members from the BCSE's original launch in 2006, and its chairman. A 30-ish year old IT worker with degrees in archaeology and history/social science, Brass would have been a really unlikely choice of chairman for an organisation whose purported expertise is in science education and particularly evolutionary biology... had the BCSE actually been any kind of bona fide organisation.

Inflating Your Credentials

In this series, I began examining the BCSE's claims about the qualifications of its chairman, Mr. Michael Brass, and the very different reality behind them.

  • Part one, giving an over-view of the BCSE's past history in grossly exaggerating its qualifications.
  • Part two, giving a short over-view of previous research into the BCSE's chairman, Mr. Michael Brass.
  • Part three, exposing Mr. Brass's actual job as an assistant IT worker, in contrast to the BCSE's representation of him as a professional archaeologist.
  • Part four, revealing the reality behind the BCSE's description of Brass as a "published" author.
  • Part five, examining Michael Brass's "published" book - whose publisher effectively turns out to be... Michael Brass.
  • Part six, an examination into how many copies of Michael Brass's self-published work have actually beensold.

See Also:

Brass's campaign of obvious lies after Roger Stanyard resigned from the BCSE:

  • Part one, the short article which started it all off.
  • Part two, the follow-up in which I survey the allegations made by the BCSE's leaders, and point out some obvious discrepancies in their story.
  • Part three, in which I display the evidence that the BCSE pre-meditated a campaign of slander against me, using allegations which they knew in advance were false. All in their own words!
  • Part four, continuing the proof of the BCSE's cynical choice to run a slander campaign using allegations it knew were false.
  • Part five, in which I reveal more details about what the BCSE was saying internally about Stanyard's resignation.
  • Part six, continuing to document how deep the deliberate deception went within the BCSE: all the way through it.
  • Part seven: the BCSE's response to being caught out: deleting the evidence, bluffing, hiding...
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