BCSE Revealed

The BCSE's Leadership

In these articles, I document the identities, (lack of) qualifications and actual motives of those falsely masquerading as a national centre of science education.

  • Take Me To Your Leader! : Demonstrating the central role of Roger Stanyard, a management consultant with no qualifications in science or education; and the untruths he has told in order to cover it up. Part two is here.
  • Who Are The Members? (Part 3) In the days before the BCSE had named any of its leadership, I named ten core individuals, documenting their lack of experience in science education, and their credentials as campaigning atheists. When the BCSE eventually named seven leaders, all seven of them turned out to be on the list I had revealed many weeks before.
  • "What Is The National Curriculum?" - in which I exposed the fact that the BCSEs leaders, whilst simultaneously presenting themselves to MPs and newspapers as experts on education especially in science in state schools, actually didn't even have an accurate knowledge of what the national curriculum was, let alone what was in it.
  • See also: The index page for the current committee, and former committee members - plenty of revealing material.
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