BCSE Revealed

The BCSE's Current Committee

The BCSE's own website has in the past frequently changed between:

  • Giving us no information on who the BCSE are at all.
  • Giving us nothing more than a list of names.
  • Giving us a list of names accompanied by highly "spun" bios which seek to give the impression that the committee members have qualifications or standing in the world of science education.

These frequent changes have been necessary because of my own frequent exposes of what they are up to. The pressure which my revelations have brought has also been a factor in frequent resignations from the BCSE (in the first year, five of the original seven committee members resigned, though one later returned). Hence, this index may not remain up to date for long: (last updated January 2008):

Ex-Committee Members

The BCSE's policy is to never apologise for or explain any of its activities when it is exposed, or to say sorry for any of its smear campaigns which are proved to be based upon untruths, but simply to delete the evidence and hope that nobody notices (see here and here). Hence, whilst I expect the BCSE will try to deflect criticism for its past activities by pointing out that some of the individuals involved have since resigned from the BCSE, this deflection is deceptive because the BCSE has never distanced itself from the activities that were carried out in its name and on its official website with the backing of the rest of the committee by these individuals. Below is a handy index of former BCSE committee members:

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