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Roger Stanyard

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Roger Stanyard is the founder, spokesman, and de facto leader of the "British Centre for Science Education". He is neither a scientist nor an educator; his whole life has been spent in management consultancy. Why, then, is he seeking to con the public into believing that he is a legitimate spokesman on behalf of scientists and educators? What is driving him to it? The answer is not difficult to find out, and is documented below; there are also articles documenting some of the obvious falsehoods that Mr. Stanyard has told in the course of his campaigning.

Roger Stanyard, BCSE Leader

  • Take Me To Your Leader! : Demonstrating the central role of Roger Stanyard, and the untruths he has told in order to make it appear as if he were not such a central figure but merely a spokesman.
  • Take Me To Your Leader, Part 2 : Showing the reason why Mr. Stanyard doesn't wish people to know his central role: because of his utter lack of qualifications or standing in the field in which he wishes to masquerade as an expert; neither a scientist nor an educator, Stanyard's life long vocation has been management consultancy,

Anti-Christian Bigotry

(Note that Stanyard defines the word "fundamentalist" to mean anyone who believes that God has revealed himself, particularly in any religious book):

Roger Stanyard's Departure And Return

In mid-2007, the BCSE's founder and de-facto leader fell out with his colleagues, and left. A fortnight later, they made up and he was back. I discovered this and started blogging about it - but without disclosing my proof to begin with. The BCSE responded with the most outrageous campaign of smears and lies, believing that I didn't have any evidence. This decision turned out to be a disaster when I produced the evidence - showing the moral vacuum that went to the BCSE's core, as a majority of the BCSE's leadership was shown either to have spread slanders they knew to be false, or to have made no protest when the proposal to do so was made.

  • Part one, the short article which started it all off.
  • Part two, the follow-up in which I survey the allegations made by the BCSE's leaders, and point out some obvious discrepancies in their story.
  • Part three, in which I display the evidence that the BCSE pre-meditated a campaign of slander against me, using allegations which they knew in advance were false. All in their own words!
  • Part four, continuing the proof of the BCSE's cynical choice to run a slander campaign using allegations it knew were false.
  • Part five, in which I reveal more details about what the BCSE was saying internally about Stanyard's resignation.
  • Part six, continuing to document how deep the deliberate deception went within the BCSE: all the way through it.
  • Part seven: the BCSE's response to being caught out: deleting the evidence, bluffing, hiding...

More Forked Tongues:

  • "Is This A Pork Pie I See Before Me?" : documenting the ease with which Stanyard tells obvious untruths to try to cover up when he's been caught out, and in which he tries to justify his statements that evangelical Christianity is "a movement of pig-ignorant inarticulate bigots, racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, misogynists, homophobes, rape apologists, AIDS deniers, government haters, scientific illiterates, gun-lovers, murderous paramilitaries and others predisposed towards extreme violence, half-baked misfits and haters, all obsessed with their own religious and moral superiority."
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