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This website exists to show you the activities and deceptions of the self-proclaimed "British Centre for Science Education". Have you come across this group? Do you want to know who they are?

The evidence presented on this website tells a clear and damning story. I am confident that after reviewing the evidence on it, you will agree that the truth is clear. The BCSE are a fraudulent group of religiously-motivated con-men with whom no reputable scientist or educator would want to ever have anything to do with. In particular:

1. The BCSE is a "Centre for Science Education" which contains no actual science educators. Science teachers, lecturers, professors: none.

The BCSE: A Fraud

2. None of its leaders are employed either as scientists or educators at all. They are mainly IT workers and businessmen.

3. Almost all of the BCSE's core leadership have been exposed as dogmatic atheists. Those who aren't atheists share, for their own reasons, a commitment to oppose historic Christianity.

4. The BCSE's own website is characterised by gross slurs, innuendos and fact-free slander-mongering.

5. The BCSE's basic agenda is not to promote science in general, but to silence any questioning of a purely materialistic approach to reality. Instead of reasoned arguments, slander and intimidation are their basic tools.

The BCSE: Deceit

6. The BCSE does not take part in any actual promotion of science or science education; its sole activity is political campaigning. Their aim is to persuade politicians that there is no real debate about Darwinism, and to prevent by law any criticism of it.

7. The BCSE has been caught out, in public, on numerous occasions in acts of gross deception. The documentation of the BCSE's vicious and deceitful campaigns against me as I investigated these things will show you just how they operate.

8. The BCSE represents itself to the public and MPs as a national body of science educators, but is really little more than a handful of individuals with a website and a severe grudge against any kind of supernatural religion.

Whilst I was doing this research, I experienced the BCSE's nastiness and incompetence at first hand. This website presents the material that I have gathered, and gives you the primary sources so that you can evaluate them for yourself. Also included is information on the BCSE's campaigns to silence me. Have a look around by following the links down the side; a complete list of all articles is available here.

David Anderson
BCSE Revealed

(Site last updated: February 2008)

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