BCSE Revealed

A Few Choice Quotes

(Originally published as a weekend item on my blog, October 2006)

Revealing Quotes

Before we leave you for the weekend, here are some choice quotes. Have a little look, and ask yourself what they tell you about what's really going on. The names behind them are Roger Stanyard and Ian Lowe - the core two members who have had letters published in the national press in the UK in the name of the "British Centre for Science Education".

Here's Roger on the 5th of August, complaining about a little problem that the BCSE's internal discussions keep bringing up:

The slight problem we have is that many group members have robust views which are basically anti-religion.

And here's Ian's response...

So, why are you continuing to pound the pulpit on this issue? We get the damn point mate. Don't say anything which might offend the overly sensitive believers.

Have you lost sight of the fact that the actual enemy here is the fundmanetalists [sic], and not in fact the big mouthed atheists?

Later in the month, in a different context, Ian says something that's just too true...

I don't know if you guys are aware, but large sections of the web get archived, and these older versions of websites can be highly embarrasing when dragged out at just the wrong moment in the future. I would have suggested that the website was developed in private, then placed live in a formal launch event (which, of course, gives a perfect reason to contact the press with a release and maybe get some column inches)

Why do you think Ian might be keen to hide their internal discussions? Is it because if too much light is shone on the BCSE, then people might not take them seriously?

That's what we're here for. See you next week.

(The quotes above were later deleted from the Internet by the BCSE - it's not hard to work out why! You can contact me if you wish to see a copy of the original, to verify their accuracy).

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