BCSE Revealed

Paula Thomas

Paula Thomas joined the BCSE committee in 2007. She is, of course, a atheist and campaigner, with no standing or experience as a science educator.

  • Ms Thomas was caught out suggesting a policy of deliberately lying when Roger Stanyard resigned from the BCSE. Stanyard deleted himself from list of BCSE leaders on its website, and I began blogging about it. Thomas responded as follows (see here):

    I think we can use Roger's removal of himself from the frontpage positively after all isn't he writing a book? Maybe he needs time to concentrate on that...

    Paua [sic]
  • The BCSE's own description of Ms Thomas on its website was "Paula Thomas is a former Computer Consultant with an academic background in Mathematics and Law." I presume that "academic background" is intended to sound like academia, or research posts, etcetera - rather than just a degree (Ms Thomas is studying for a masters degree with the Open University). This is consistent with the BCSE's track record of trying to imply that its leaders are experts in science education - but not being able to, because it isn't true.
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