BCSE Revealed

"Liars And Thieves"

John Germain, a businessman from Jersey, was the first BCSE committee member to bale out (another four followed during the year - one returning).

Germain had something of a fall-out with the BCSE's de facto leadership (particularly IT consultant Ian Lowe but also management consultant Roger Stanyard and IT worker Michael Brass). One of the issues that later irritated him was that he donated some of his own money to the BCSE so that they could obtain a post office box. 10 months later, and after several follow-up messages from Germain during the period to express his frustration, still no PO Box existed, leading Germain to call the BCSE leaders "liars and thieves".

From the point of view of research into the BCSE, the various things documented below provide more evidence of:

  • The BCSE's amateurish make-up
  • The childishness of those involved - this is not a bona fide centre for science education, buy simply a group of Internet ranters.
  • Their incompetence

The BCSE have a rather good track record in attempting to delete damning material, so the links below may not remain working for long:

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