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Documenting the Depths of BCSE Cynicism

(Roger Stanyard's Departure: Part 5)

In the last two parts (three, four), I have been providing some evidence of the depths to which the BCSE's leadership have been willing to go in the last month to forward their propaganda ends.

Go here to read the unfolding story: one, two, three, four. In short: lying and slander, on a big and deeply cynical scale, with the involvement of a very significant number of the BCSE's core leaders.

Today I carry on with providing that documentation. In previous installments I have showed extracts of various BCSE members, including Ian Lowe, Chris Hyland and Tim Hague, discussing how to manage the fall-out from Stanyard's resignation. Here, I continue on that theme. We pick up just after the point we left off in the post "Red-handed: They lied and lied and lied". This is just after Ian Lowe had written a paragraph which contained clear statements that Stanyard had walked out, removed himself from a BCSE mailing list and various web pages - all contrary to Lowe's public claims that no such walk-out had happened and that I was a dreadful liar for saying any such thing. Here's what comes next. This is on the 13th of June.

Tim Hague: I think someone - probably not you Ian! - should send Roger an email and ask him what he's up to. I'm thinking that his wiki priveliges [sic] should be revoked as well.

I think it's worth putting him back there as well, at least until we've got past Thursday and are ready to annouce [sic] this merger...

Hague is referring in the last sentence to the combination of the BCSE with a second similar group, "Science Just Science", which as yet we've said little about. Notice that Hague suggests contacting Stanyard to see what's going on, and suggests revoking his (BCSE) website editing privileges in the mean-time - presumably in case Stanyard makes any more changes that will reveal what's been going on. (Remember that it is the website changes that I first highlighted as evidence of Stanyard's departure - and which Michael Brass, BCSE chairman, was particularly hasty to e-mail me about to tell me that I was making it all up, in one e-mail telling me the following: "Unfortunately for you, looking at the history of modifications of any page on the wiki will not give you a true reflection of anything.")

Notice that Hague suggested putting Stanyard's name back on the web-page in the meantime - presumably so that the outside world would not be able to detect what was going on.

Hague then put forward a different option:

Tim Hague: Another option is to remove everyone and leave a message that 'big changes are on the way'!

This suggestion of Hague's is close to what happened; they removed the names of the whole committee. This has left the BCSE in the strange position of having a website proclaiming themselves as authorities on science education but not even supplying a single name of those alleged authorities so that anyone can verify (or not!). It's put them back to where they were before "BCSE Revealed" exposed their identities and lack of credentials and forced them to put statements on the website about themselves: being virtually anonymous. (one, two - and then see some of the rampant exaggeration of credentials we exposed in one of those descriptions: one, two, three, four).

Chris Hyland then chipped in with a comment, responding to Hague's first suggestion:

Chris Hyland: Please nothing like that until after tomorrow. We really need to start with a clean slate as it were.

What was to happen "tomorrow" was apparently a meeting of some of the BCSE / SJS members to discuss the way forward.

The next post is much more significant; from Ian Lowe, as follows:

Ian Lowe: Actually, I misread the logs.. damn time zones :| It was actually edited on Monday night, 10 O'clock, so pretty much when he resigned. Which pretty much guarantees that nappy boy has seen it. Probably a good idea to change the page to remove all of us though. I'll do that just now.

For some reason, the BCSE's website is run a few hours out from BST. Lowe says that Stanyard edited the website on Monday evening, which would be Monday the 11th of June. Notice what Lowe says in that connection: "pretty much when he [i.e. Stanyard] resigned".

"Nappy boy" is apparently me; when the BCSE was trying to "dig dirt" on me, it discovered that my wife has a small business selling washable nappies; my guess is that "nappy boy" refers to that. That the BCSE is the kind of organisation which takes part in this kind of dirt-digging operation against those who dare to question its credentials speaks volumes...

Lowe then goes on to agree with Hague's latter suggestion: that the whole committee be deleted from the page, to hide the fact that only Stanyard's name was missing. If the BCSE later tries to claim that this step was taken as a precursor to a re-organisation, or relaunch, etc., you'll know better. It was taken to hide the fact of Stanyard's resignation.

At this point, let me remind you of Lowe's words after I first began publishing, without the proofs yet (as I was waiting to see the BCSE's response), that Stanyard had resigned:

"Watch him now - he has stated that Roger has left, simply on the basis of a change to the website, when it is simply not true. Roger had a problem with his ISP for a week or so, and we changed the email address to make sure that people could still contact us. Roger remains part of the BCSE committee. Anderson will blow and huff and puff, but he won't apologise and correct his mistake. That's the measure of the man."
(now removed from the Internet by the BCSE in a desperate attempt to cover its embarassment).

For the record, Lowe hasn't been in touch to apologise in any way; comment from me is needless, as Lowe had already in the above paragraph given us the verdict he wishes us to pass against him.

A Closer Look

Let's examine those words again:

Lowe's words: "Watch him now - he has stated that Roger has left, simply on the basis of a change to the website, when it is simply not true."

The facts "BCSE Revealed" has now exhibited, from Lowe's own words:

  • Stanyard had in fact resigned.
  • Stanyard himself changed the website because of his resignation.
  • Lowe himself then made further alterations to the website to try to cover this up.

Lowe's words: "Roger had a problem with his ISP for a week or so, and we changed the email address to make sure that people could still contact us."

The truth: Stanyard had walked away, and removed his own e-mail address (not Lowe) and telephone number. The "ISP problem" story was brought forward to cover up the truth.

Lowe's words: "Roger remains part of the BCSE committee. Anderson will blow and huff and puff, but he won't apologise and correct his mistake. That's the measure of the man."

The truth, from Lowe's own words: Stanyard had resigned. I was neither blowing nor huffing and don't need to apologise or correct any mistake, because I made none. My measure is that I've stood up to the BCSE's bluffing liars and bullies; none of them have apologised or made any public comment on the scandalous slander campaign they've conducted against me.

In the above report, we have also exhibited more data showing Hyland and Hague's deep involvement in the campaign of slander and deception. They knew exactly what was going on, and took part in the planning of it. This will be worth noting for if and when the BCSE do announce a new committee: "BCSE Revealed" will be watching closely to see just how many on it have been proven to be part of this particularly depraved episode in their history. If the BCSE wants its spokesmen and representatives to be taken seriously, these are another two individuals who have a big job in front of them to explain just why anyone should do so. Another two individuals for whom "BCSE Revealed" is racking up a documented record of public deception.

The material above was available at this link: - the BCSE moved swiftly to delete it. As ever, I have a copy available for anyone who wishes to verify the accuracy of the material - just e-mail.


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